Take the sport of professional, add the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, erect a wrestling ring in the MGM Grand Garden, mix in rabid wrestling fans and all the excitement and action of sports entertainment, and you have "The Best of Blackjack Brawl". The legendary "Mean Gene" Okerlund hosts an 88-minute classic documentary look back at the crown jewel of the Universal Wrestling Federation.


The main event is for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. A beast of a man called “Dr. Death” Steve Williams holds the UWF title. He had hands full in this battle when he faced a giant of a legend, Sid Viscous. This is a true UWF classic battle.


“Black Jack Brawl” also features a match between two venerable legends in sports entertainment history. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has long been thrilling wrestling fans with his high-flying maneuvers from the top rope and even the tops of cages. Cactus Jack is known as one of the toughest men to ever enter the ring and has earned the title of a hard-core legend.


Also included is a wrestling legend that knows a little bit about outside interference. "Cowboy" Bob Orton, enters the ring to battle a physical specimen known as The Hell Raiser. Little Tokyo battles against the Karate Kid for the Midget's World Championship. The Women's World Championship was on the line as the legendary Candi Devine attempts to tickle the ivory of the perky Tina Moretti. The intensity is doubled when the Tag Team Championship is on the line. The awesome New Powers of Pain face B Brian Blair and “Jumping” Jim Brunzell, better known as The Killer Bees.


This Classic Wrestling spectacular also features the legendary valet and manager, Missy Hyatt "Dangerous" Danny Spivey, Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis in the WWE), “Wild Man”, Jack, Mondo Guerrero, Dr. Feel Good, Sunny Beach, Steve "Wild Thing" Ray, and Tyler Mane. 88 minutes. Rated TV-14.

Black Jack Brawl