The legends of professional wrestling return for another look back at the some of the most exciting moments of the sport. The unmistakable voice of legendary wrestler announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund guides fans through 88-minutes of professional wrestling history.


A six-man main event battle highlights the wrestling action. Dick the Bruiser teamed with “his cousin”, the man who made Milwaukee famous, Da Crusher and they got a little help from a wrestler named “Little Bruiser”. They faced the deadly Blackjacks, Lanza and Mulligan, and their manager, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. As Heenan found out, big things do come in little packages.


One of the most famous of the midget wrestlers was Sky Low-Low. Few were able to combine wrestling ability and comedy like he presented. He is featured in a mixed tag-team match that has rarely been seen and he wrestles in a single match against Little Boy Blue in a truly classic midgets wrestling match.


Perhaps no other wrestler is more responsible for influencing the current generation of "hardcore" wrestler than the one and only Arabian madman known as The Sheik. The Sheik was "hardcore" decades before anyone had come up with a term to describe his style. His maniacal ring technique and persona, not to mention his penchant for participating in overly gruesome, ultra-violent matches, set a standard that "hardcore" wrestlers are still trying to equal some 40 years after his debut. See the maniacal way he obtained the World’s Heavyweight Championship!


This Classic Wrestling spectacular also features other legends like Bruiser Brody, Ox Baker, Sgt. Jacques Goulet, “The Rebel”, Dick Slater, Sailor Art Thomas, Mark Lewin, Bob Sweetan, a young “Hawksaw” Jim Duggan, women wrestlers and more. 88-minutes. Rated TV-14.

Bullies, Babes & Brawn